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SDS stands for “Socialist Democratic Student League.”  We are the student organization of the German political party DIE LINKE. Founded in 2007, Die Linke.SDS is currently active on over 50 universities across Germany.

Die Linke.SDS fights for better conditions in college and university – against tuition fees and for the right to higher education for all.  We understand this as part of a broader struggle against neo-liberal and anti-democratic politics in society.  We participate in and help to build the movements against austerity, racism, fascism, war and climate change.

Our founding document states that “capitalism is not the end of history.”  Replacing the current social order with a democratic, socialist alternative lies at the heart of our politics.

Die Linke.SDS focuses on two fields of struggle: that of the movement on the streets, and that of the representative institutions within the existing system.  For example, we played a role building the demonstrations against the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, as well as the wave of student protests that shook Germany in 2009  and 2010.  At the same time, SDS activists participate in elections to student councils and other representative bodies in order to push for concrete reforms to the status quo.

We chose the name Die Linke.SDS for two reasons.  “Die Linke” to represent our relationship with the political party DIE LINKE. “SDS” to connect with the tradition of the historic SDS of 1968.  We of course do not claim to be a continuation of the old SDS, but want to rebuild a broad socialist organization on university campuses in the same way the old SDS did.

Should you have more questions about our organization or wish to establish relations with us, feel free to contact us at info@linke-sds.orgWe are able to reply in German or English.